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Diva Challenge 198 KISS

Ok, so when I finished this tile, I realized that instead of last week’s loopy black ribbon, loopy white pearls had snuck in.  *sigh*  I put my pen to the paper and it sort of takes on a life of its own.  I’m often not consulted. I’m really enjoying doing one big thing instead of my usual intertwining of tiny lines and loops and “Oh, I love this tangle…where can I put it?”, which doesn’t always lead to something with much shape or focus.  Fun to try new stuff!  Happy Holidays everyone!  See you all at the starting line for the first challenge of 2015! (I’ll be the one handing out water bottles…)


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This is my first tangle for the Diva’s Challenge.  I know I’m late to the party, but hey, I did bring that bag of stale doritos over by the jello salad.

I’m a fiber artist and I run a small goat dairy in rural New Hampshire so I don’t get out much but, due to a recent berevement and the kind gift of a zentangle book from a friend, I’ve discovered a whole new world – and it’s wonderful!  Sort of like walking down to the pond and, instead of finding the usual assortment of frogs, lizards, and algae, there’s Venus on the half shell serenely floating toward the shore.

The things I’ve played with so far have been mostly swirly and loopy and this weeks challenge was so, well, liney, but I decided to forge ahead and see what I could do with all those straight lines.  (OK, the ribbon is loopy, but it has lines on each side…).  Now I can’t wait until next week to try something new.  My tangling journey has just begun, but then…it’s all about the journey anyway.

The best thing about tangling, aside from the tangling itself, is the wonderful, supportive community that surrounds it.  Looking at everyone’s work and the generous comments has been so inspirational.  Thank you all for sharing your work, your time, and your generous hearts and please, help yourselves to the doritos.

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