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Diva #201

DSCF1561I admit that I was nearly defeated by this week’s challenge. Chebucto is one of those over/under weave thingies that take a lot of practice to use properly and since this is “Zen” tangle, rather than “Screaming and throwing things across the room” tangle, I considered just giving it a miss. Then I thought, Oh, what the heck, just make one huge honking one and go from there…So, voila – A Chebucto/Copada flower…or tree (Thanks, QuinnB, I didn’t see it that way until you did). Have a good week everyone…and to the rest of you buried in the snow…enjoy your snow day!


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Diva #201 Mobius

DSCF1546Our Diva asked us to tangle a mobius for Mobius Syndrome Awareness Day – and for Artoo, her wonderful son. My tile uses poser, scrawlz, and a little Alice heart for a special boy and his mom.

I was wandering about on the internet and saw this quote and I thought it appropriate…”There are only two types of people in this world – Those with disabilities and those who haven’t yet found theirs out.”

Then, of course I found another one since once you start wandering the internet…well, you know. This one is for all you generous kind people that make coming here each week such a pleasure…
“When you are lonely
I wish you love
When you are down
I wish you joy
When you are troubled
I wish you peace
When things are complicated
I wish you simple beauty
When things are chaotic
I wish you inner peace
When things look empty
I wish you hope.

Have a wonderful week!

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Diva #200 (Wow!)

Diva #200 Congratulations, oh Divine Diva, on this delightful 200th challenge. As a newcomer to the wonderful world of Zentangle (pretend there is a registered trademark here), it means so much to tentatively launch my small weekly offering out into the world and to be welcomed with such warmth into this supportive and generous community that you’ve brought into being. Thank you, Diva, for all you do…and thank you to all of you who share your comments and your delightful, surprizing, and always amazing work. (As for my contribution this week, it’s a monotangle of Cayla, one of my favorite “fill in the blanks” tangles).

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Diva #199 “Hitch”

Diva #199 "Hitch"

OK, this week’s chalenge was a bit hard for me. It could be a border, it could be a part of a larger tangle….but it looks so much like a bird. So, it’s a bird. Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday and my blessings to you all for a lovely New Year to come.

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