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Diva 206 – ZIA

Diva Zia alcohol inksThis week’s challenge was perfectly timed :-). Hubby and I went out to breakfast Saturday before the snow fell…again…and saw it lightly falling in a line across a large pond coming toward us as we neared home. Beautiful, really, and we got home before it started to fall heavily.

A friend had moved her scrapbooking biz into a larger space, so we had stopped in to say “Hi” and found her playing with alcohol inks…on paper. I had tried them on paper with rather dismal results but she was using high gloss photo paper and it worked a treat! So, I came home and tried different techniques on small pieces of paper. Then, today, Our Diva wants us to use something we’ve never used before…enter alcohol inked photo paper.

In case anyone else wants to try this, just a note that the pen ink stays on top of the inked paper longer than it does on a regular tile, so beware of dragging your hand across a freshly tangled section (unless “large blob of smeared black ink” was part of the design)…yeah, I kinda had to work those in 😉

It was really fun just to draw around the color smears and try to get something halfway decent looking. It was also great to have something fun to work on between snowfalls. Our little town has had over 8′ of snow this month. It’s getting a little old and we’re all desperate for Spring. Looking at all of your wonderful, colorful ZIA’s this week is just what I need to perk me up. I hope everyone enjoys this challenege as much as I did 🙂


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diva 205 Year of the goatDespite the fact that I’m a fiber artist, raise goats, and am, myself, a child of the year of the goat, I had no intention of putting an actual goat in this tile.

I love zentangle because of it’s abstractness – and, honestly, everytime I draw an animal it ends up being some sort of lumpy shaped thing with an indeterminate number of legs, but somehow the goat snuck in there anyway. *sigh* Not a magnificent golden buck (Yes, David, I saw yours and was awed as usual), just a sort of noncommital goat who’s taking his place on the tile nonetheless.

I got a bit carried away with the watercolor pencils (first time using them)…but, overall it was fun and I learned new stuff and that’s what it’s all about.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone.

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Diva 203 - Valentine's HeartI had the opportunity to spend this past weekend at a zentangle retreat with Rick and Maria at Kripalu – a zen/yoga mecca in Stockbridge MA. It was a wonderful experience and, in honor of that, I thought I’d do use two of the tangles that they taught at the workshop to do my tile this week: nzepple and florz. I prefer the old nzepple better than the newer, more free form one which, I think, looks a bit like rocks.

My computer guru son calls those orbs inside the nzepple “NURBS” – which stands for Non Uniform Rational B-Splines…which is all I can tell you since my eyes glaze over long before he gets to the mathmatical formula for determining their area. Round thingies that touch in three places works for me 🙂

Anyway, this week, no weird trees, no odd perspective lines, or somewhat bizarre birds…just zentangle 101. (OK, with just a bif of color…but you can’t have everything).

Having had my fun for the day, I’m off to shovel…again. I feel like I’m living in a giant snowglobe and every few days someone adds snow and shakes vigourously. Snow fatigue is definately setting in, so it was nice to add just a spot of color to my tile to offset the cold and omnipresent grey/white of my personal outdoor landscape. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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Diva #202 Athitka

DSCF1575I sort of took this tangle as a “process” rather than something more definitive like “Purk” and used lines in all sorts of different ways (with an Aquafleur to keep it from being mind numbingly boring). Having seen some of the other wonderful interpretations, I may have a go later at using it in smaller lines, like crosshatching but, for now, this is my somewhat loose interpretation of this weeks challenge. It was much more relaxing to just let my pen draw lines this week (as yet more snow fell – and fell – and is still falling). I love being surprised when something unexpected flows out of my pen. Perhaps I should give the pen a name…it does often have a mind of its own 🙂

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