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Diva Labyrinth

DSCF1704I love labyrinths! In a town nearby, an army of volunteers armed with black tape put a copy of the labyrinth at Chartres on the floor of the town hall every January 1st. It’s there for only one day and it’s wonderful! We walk it every year as a way to start the New Year in meditation – thoughts of the year past and the year to come.

Unlike a maze, the goal of a labyrinth isn’t to get to the center…it’s the journey. I found an old, overgrown labyrinth that someone had built behind a church and decided to walk it. There was one huge tree branch blocking a part of the path and, the first time around I pushed through it, grumbling about why no one took care of this space and how hard it was to be contemplative while shoving my way through branches and twigs. On my second pass, I was still grumbling but by the thrid time around I just laughed and pushed the branches away…that’s a labyrinth – like life -sometimes the journey has obstacles and it’s up to us to decide how we deal with those obstacles – to grumble or to laugh. Laughter is always more productive:-)

Anyway, I really enjoyed doing this week’s challenge. I admit, much erasing occurred, but the lines are freehand and the labyrinth is of my own design. (I really do like labyrinths 🙂

I wish everyone a great week – and Happy Tangling!


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Diva 211 Flux

Nothing real special with this one…just sort of a Mooka, Fluxy thing. I enjoyed the flowing movement involved in drawing it. It’s hard to go wrong with Flux 🙂 The photo is a bit yellow since it’s a rather dark, dreary day outside. Diva 211 flux The light from a lamp is so much different from the light from the sun – but sunlight is just around the corner, so I’ll just have to be content to have a “yellow” day today.

My thoughts and best wishes to Artoo and his family…and to all who need them. Have a good week, everyone!

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