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All boxed upI love the first of the month UMT. It’s almost always something I’ve never used before which expands my repetoire of tangles and forces me out of my confort zone since I haven’t the vaguest idea what it will “go” with. how to shade it, or how to use it. I think we all have our little mental tangle boxes of those tangles we use often enough to feel comfortable with and can then gleefully haul out to fill in whatever odd space needs filling. With the UMT, we get pushed out of that comfort zone ever so slightly and sometimes something magical happens…OK, sometimes something far less than magical happens too, but life’s like that.

I got so wrapped up in drawing this weeks tile that the poor goats had to wait a whole hour past their usual feeding time and at least three of them tried to convince me that they were near enough to starvation as to be almost dead…and it was MY FAULT. Fortunately, although I have a highly developed sense of guilt, I doubted their vercity, especially as most of them – should they happen to trip on a hill – would simply roll down unscathed, being a bit on the chubby side. However, you will be glad to know that, despite my zentangle immersion, not one goat starved today – no matter what THEY say 🙂

Today is a lovely “Cat Day”…you know, chilly, drizzly and grey when the cats curl up on the window seat for the duration, the dog settles into his bed and I can pour a nice cup of hot tea, pick up my pens and draw with no guilt at all about all those other things I should be doing (like feeding the goats on time…) Glorious! It’s also much needed rain, as it was in the upper ninety’s all last week and so humid you could drink the air. I think, if I listen really closely, I can hear the plants sighing with sheer pleasure. A good day for all…except the goats, but they’ll get over it.

Happy Tangling, everyone…Have a good week!


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