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DSCF1878Sometimes when you find yourself in a ditch on the side of life’s road, it sure is nice to have a friend come along and give you a push…Thanks Antonine, you’re the best!

Moving on…Unlike, it seems, a lot of people, I really like the “Zen” part of zentangle. OK, not fondling the paper, breathing deeply with my eyes closed, and gasping in awe at the gorgeous archival black ink…not that zen part, but the idea of paying attention to each stroke and being immersed in the act of laying down lines, curves, and dots that eventually form something that’s never been before. Yeah, I like that part…which may be why it takes me forever to draw a tile, but I come away refreshed…like I’d just done a meditation, so that’s the zen part for me.

Anyway, I did all three Diva meditations, tho I’m not posting the results since, well, they look just like they ought to (and if you’re seeing this on Bright Owl, check out the Diva challenge for these audio meditations). I enjoyed doing them, but I would have loved an “Advanced” meditation that used some obscure tangle so that I was still wondering what the heck the final tangle was going to look like up until I finished drawing it. Since I’ve done a few tiles before, after the first few instructions, I was thinking “Oh, this is …”. I would love to have been able to do one of these meditations with a “Beginner’s Mind” and be amazed at the end…just a thought, Holly. You do these so well…and what a lovely voice!

What I AM posting, since this is a Diva duo tangle week anyway, is a “twofer”…Betweed for the Diva inside the Bright Owl Zendala. I did do a solo Betweed tile with gentle rolling curves and falling rain and what was meant to be a Betweed leaf peeking in from the side. Since, in reality, it looked like someone had put their thumb over the lens while taking a moderately dull photo, it will remain in my “perfect by ugly” file (Don’t tell me you don’t have one…).

Have a wonderful week, everyone – and Happy Tangling!


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DSCF1872So, this is my first Bright Owl Zendala Challenege tile…and my second zendala ever. I always wanted to try this, but my weary brain couldn’t figure out how to get the lovely template copied onto my tile and came to a full stop (My brain does that…causes a lot of difficulties). Then I was told of the wonders of the age old “graphite on the back and trace” method and, voila! Worked like a charm and I had so much fun doing this

Consider me a new convert…can’t wait to see next week’s. Happy Tangling everyone!

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