Diva- UMT Brella

DSCF1718I like Brella a lot since it’s so versatile. It can be a dense, woven backdrop or a light sunshade but I wanted to use it’s darker side.

I really tried to do too much here so it didn’t turn out exactly like what I had in mind but there are no mistakes in zentangle, right? I wanted to play with negative and positive shapes and, then tassels seemed like fun and well, then I added color (way too intense) and it got a bit out of hand. Oh well…I had fun with it and that’s the point.

It’s past the fourth, but I will still give the Star Wars salute…May the 4th be with you all. Have a great week!


Diva Labyrinth

DSCF1704I love labyrinths! In a town nearby, an army of volunteers armed with black tape put a copy of the labyrinth at Chartres on the floor of the town hall every January 1st. It’s there for only one day and it’s wonderful! We walk it every year as a way to start the New Year in meditation – thoughts of the year past and the year to come.

Unlike a maze, the goal of a labyrinth isn’t to get to the center…it’s the journey. I found an old, overgrown labyrinth that someone had built behind a church and decided to walk it. There was one huge tree branch blocking a part of the path and, the first time around I pushed through it, grumbling about why no one took care of this space and how hard it was to be contemplative while shoving my way through branches and twigs. On my second pass, I was still grumbling but by the thrid time around I just laughed and pushed the branches away…that’s a labyrinth – like life -sometimes the journey has obstacles and it’s up to us to decide how we deal with those obstacles – to grumble or to laugh. Laughter is always more productive:-)

Anyway, I really enjoyed doing this week’s challenge. I admit, much erasing occurred, but the lines are freehand and the labyrinth is of my own design. (I really do like labyrinths 🙂

I wish everyone a great week – and Happy Tangling!

Diva 211 Flux

Nothing real special with this one…just sort of a Mooka, Fluxy thing. I enjoyed the flowing movement involved in drawing it. It’s hard to go wrong with Flux 🙂 The photo is a bit yellow since it’s a rather dark, dreary day outside. Diva 211 flux The light from a lamp is so much different from the light from the sun – but sunlight is just around the corner, so I’ll just have to be content to have a “yellow” day today.

My thoughts and best wishes to Artoo and his family…and to all who need them. Have a good week, everyone!

Diva 210 - Sprial String I’ve been madly scribbling away in my sketchbook trying to come up with some new tangles and, although it’s not quite right yet, I used one here in honor of my mom. I also used David Hunter’s first tangle on Tanglepatterns, Pinbawl, coz he’s still in my thoughts and prayers…and it’s a great tangle :-). The rest is filled it in with Printemps…which is “Spring” in French…something which those of us in the colder parts of the world are desperately hoping for, so it all just seemed to fit together.

My mom was 95 and in an assisted living facility, so most of her “things” were either sold or given away rather than shipping them across the country. My “inheritance” consisted of a silver bookmark, a few photos, and a box of costume jewelry. She had A LOT of clip back earrings and I love looking at the different patterns on them. The tangle on this weeks tile (lower left) is sort of like one of those earrings…I’m still working on it, but I decided to use it this week anyway since it fit with my theme of love, friendship, and hope. (OK, my tangles are never “themed”, but this one sort of worked out that way).

So, that is my wish for everyone this week…Love, friendship, hope, and blessings. Happy Tangling!

DSCF1651Ah, March is such a tease. Yesterday it was in the mid forties with glorious sunshine – almost warm enough to haul out a deck chair. (You folks that live in warm places, quit sniggering…I can hear you) Today, alas, it is still sunny but the wind is howling and the temperature is hovering in the teens, but,…Spring is coming! It’s in the air… the cats are shedding like mad, which is always a good sign (except for having to clean up all that leftover cat hair, of course), and we can actually see small patches of grass on the lawn in between the snow mounds. A time of hope and a perfect time for something green.

This week is all new to me (except the Alice heart and the pokevine). I’ve never used colored pencils, I almost never start to tangle with absolutely no idea what the final result is going to look like, and I usually practice new tangles before I use them but – in a burst of spontaneous Springness, I thought I’d try a new way of doing things.

So, here’s this week’s offering and a wish for a glorious Spring for one and all.

Diva 207 umt unbatzThanks, Sandy, for such a fun tangle! I started playing around with the possibilities and variations and when I was done, I thought it looked like it ought to be carved on a vase. (I also like the idea of the black oblongs as laces to weave ribbons through, but that’s for another tile…).

I think I’m sort of stringaphobic. I am trying…I got a new sketchbook and determined to do all the strings on Tangle Patterns. I have, so far, done three… At this rate, and assuming people keep adding new strings, I’ll most likely be clutching my 01 micron and scribbling Knights Bridge onto that last string with my dying breath — but it’s a good goal and I’m learning a lot. I guess, if I wanted to stretch a point, the vase shape is, actually a string…kinda, sorta. But whatever it is, it was fun and another step in the journey and, for me, that’s what it’s all about.

Happy Spring, everyone (It will come…it always does)

Diva 206 – ZIA

Diva Zia alcohol inksThis week’s challenge was perfectly timed :-). Hubby and I went out to breakfast Saturday before the snow fell…again…and saw it lightly falling in a line across a large pond coming toward us as we neared home. Beautiful, really, and we got home before it started to fall heavily.

A friend had moved her scrapbooking biz into a larger space, so we had stopped in to say “Hi” and found her playing with alcohol inks…on paper. I had tried them on paper with rather dismal results but she was using high gloss photo paper and it worked a treat! So, I came home and tried different techniques on small pieces of paper. Then, today, Our Diva wants us to use something we’ve never used before…enter alcohol inked photo paper.

In case anyone else wants to try this, just a note that the pen ink stays on top of the inked paper longer than it does on a regular tile, so beware of dragging your hand across a freshly tangled section (unless “large blob of smeared black ink” was part of the design)…yeah, I kinda had to work those in 😉

It was really fun just to draw around the color smears and try to get something halfway decent looking. It was also great to have something fun to work on between snowfalls. Our little town has had over 8′ of snow this month. It’s getting a little old and we’re all desperate for Spring. Looking at all of your wonderful, colorful ZIA’s this week is just what I need to perk me up. I hope everyone enjoys this challenege as much as I did 🙂